AIMA is actively developing international relations. The main goal is the development and maintenance of relations with business communities around the world, the study and adoption of successful experience and best practices not only to build a community as the main core of the field, but also to apply the best practices for the strategic development. A very important task is to promote the AIMA members in international markets, thus creating a positive image and brand of the Belarusian high-tech instrumentation.

 International cooperation involves:

 Creating strong partnerships with business communities around the world, studying and applying the best practices and practices to develop the industry;

• mutual exchange of information and useful foreign contacts, assistance in promoting the products of the AIMA members;

• co-participation in exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other marketing events;

• exchange of experience of association/ union staff from different countries.


 Today, AIMA is actively engaged in dialogue with international organizations such as:

Center for International Private Enterprise CIPE

Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association ARPE


AIMA was granted and awarded from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to develop a unique web-site along with the corporate portal in Belarus. This portal has a virtual industrial and intellectual platform, where a huge amount of the AIMA members’ data is stored (technical, innovative, production, personnel, etc.).