One of the main strategic goals of AIMA is the development of its own educational programs and constant improvement of the education and qualification level of staff personnel of the AIMA members.


The main tasks for the AIMA educational centre will be: personnel training in technologies and competence (narrow focus on the development of knowledge and skills), exchange of experience between the personnel of the AIMA members, maintaining a competitive level of knowledge. We also pay a lot of attention to training non-AIMA specialists for their subsequent employment with the AIMA members.

 The main directions and functions of the AIMA educational centre:

 1) AIMA Club: Exchange of experience. Regular staff meetings of the AIMA members to speak face-to-face to exchange experience and knowledge, innovate, and create databases (video, text) for the AIMA corporate CRM.

  2) Short-term exclusive training. AIMA invites the best coaches (both local & foreign) for a short-term training (personal and web courses are available).

 Here are some examples of courses that we plan in 2020:

 • B2G High-Tech Marketing

• DSP and FPGA Digital Signal Processing

• AUTOSAR Software Components

• C / C ++ Code Static Analysis for Embedded Systems

• ROS and Gazebo Robotic Systems Development

• Zynq-Based SDR Communication Systems Development and Prototyping

• MATLAB Design of Radio Transmitting Systems

• Simulink Radar Systems Design etc.

 3) Long-term training: AIMA Corporate University.

Special long-term training programs, 7-9 specialties. Who can apply? AIMA members and students (3rd grade and on).

 We are working on these programs right now:

 • Circuit Engineer

• Tracer Engineer

• Design Engineer

• Firmware engineer (C)

• C ++ / Qt Software Engineer

• Android software engineer

• Application Level (Java) etc.

 4) Cooperation with national universities (BSUIR, BSU, BSPA, Military Academy, Vitebsk and Gomel institutes of technology[AN1] , etc.).

Two main ideas: we provide the AIMA staff (mainly engineers) to conduct the training and we help the universities to adopt the programs.

We pay great attention to schools as well.

We actively cooperate with the YaKlass portal in promoting electronic education in schools.

We gave a free access to the resources of the innovative educational portal YaKlass and school’s electronic multimedia library to families with many children, boarding schools and other educational institutions located in the most vulnerable socially and economically regions of the country.

We invite schoolchildren to join AIMA members’ tours to show the capabilities and potential of the engineering profession, motivate and inspire children to further self-realization in the field.