One of the main AIMA goals & tools for the development of the hardware industry is the Intra-AIMA Cooperation and synergy effect from the joint R&D and production projects, experience exchange, joint marketing events.

The Intra-AIMA Cooperation helps to establish the cooperation between the structural divisions of the AIMA members, promote and expand the exchange of experience and knowledge, promote the development of joint R&D projects, innovations, and the creation of new hardware products.

 The Intra-AIMA Cooperation is based on the following “main stones”:

- AIMA Club;

- Direct M-to-M cooperation (manager-to manager) intra the AIMA-members;

- AIMA virtual industrial and intellectual platform.


Hardware Congress is an annual event, the most significant in the hardware industry, attracts hundreds of local businessmen, engineers etc. working in the industry.

These are the key directions among the Intra-AIMA Cooperation:

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