About AIMA, general information

AIMA is a unique association in Belarus that unites manufacturers of innovative high-tech products.

Why is it unique?

One of the strongest companies in the world hi-tech industry market have united into the business community.

The main activity of the AIMA members is production in the field of instrument-making, associated with the commercialization of innovative technologies, the production of high-tech products.

Today AIMA is actively working on the field:

- developing the Instrument-Making Strategy,

- promoting mutually beneficial intra-AIMA cooperation,

- developing training programs,

- representing the interests of the field in the State Committee for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Economy and the High Technology Park,

- organizing AIMA clubs and public events,

- promoting international cooperation and building export potential

- conducting various events to improve the image of the field in Belarus.

The Instrument-Making Strategy development is similar to the business development strategy. First of all, it is competitiveness - that is, the formation of a competitive business model, as well as the identification of distinctive features, advantages and unique trade offers that will distinguish the Belarusian instrument-making industry among a wide range of players in the global hi-tech industry market.


On October 6, 2017, Innovative Instrument Making Association was registered. Seven companies engaged in the development and production of instrument-making products initiated the creation of the association.

AIMA initiators:

LLC Izovac (Minsk);

LLC Izovac Technologies (Minsk);

LLC Polimaster (Minsk);


JV Technoton CJSC (Minsk);

CJSC Zavod Flometer (Vileika);

LLC Regula (Minsk).

Hardware Congress 1.0

November 18, 2017. Hardware Congress 1.0. The time of big and fast changes, “business as usual” is over. Read more.

Hardware Congress 2.0: Science is the transformation of money into knowledge. Innovation is the transformation of knowledge into money.

November 17, 2018. Hardware Congress 2.0. A platform for useful communication between innovative manufacturing businesses. Read more.

Decree No.8 "On the development of the digital economy" came into force on March 28, 2018. Read more.

The Decree not only extends the period of validity of benefits for HTP residents until 2049, but also introduces the new ones to simplify the work of hardware companies. In particular, we are talking about the ability of the companies to pay for marketing costs thanks to exemption from tax on profits of foreign companies, as well as exemption from VAT (for non-resident companies providing marketing or advertising services), and from offshore tax. Now, hardware companies will be able to buy ads directly from giants like Facebook and Google, as well as many other ad service providers.

The new Decree significantly expands the list of high-tech activities that can be the basis for the residency in the HTP: there are 37 of them in the new list. Among the most important innovations are educational services, work with cryptocurrencies (including mining), software publishing and promotion, investment. The detailed activities include the development of artificial intelligence, medtech, fintech, internet of things, robotics, work with drones, BPO (business process outsourcing).

The main focus is to support companies with their own developments in the field of new and high technologies. They will be able to monetize their product in any possible way. It will be possible to receive income not only for the monetization of the development, but also for the services using their own developments. The division into main and auxiliary activities has been removed: today, advanced technologies are not as valuable as their integration or the possibility of providing services with their help.

Hardware Congress 3.0. The only platform in Belarus for communication of high-tech manufacturing companies

November 2, 2019.

Hardware Congress 3.0: how it was, part 1. Analysis of the presentations from Instrument-Making Strategy Development

Hardware Congress 3.0: how it was, part 2. Analysis of the presentations from Business cases of hardware companies

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We are about to launch the research of the Instrument-Making Industry!

Visit STRATEGY to know more about the largest project of the Association - the Instrument-Making Strategy development.

And in the very near future, we will launch the research of the Instrument-Making Industry. The research will consist of a survey of a wide range of instrument making companies, followed by interviews with executives who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas on the development of the instrument making industry.

In this part of the project, AIMA works together with the Belarusian Economic Research and Education Center BEROC and The Cluster Competitiveness Group Inc.

We welcome the LITOPLAST group of companies as a new AIMA Member!

On December 12, 2019, the LITOPLAST group of companies joined us as an associate member of AIMA.

The LITOPLAST group of companies has been one of the leading diversified manufacturing companies in Belarus for 27 years. Read more.


We welcome NTLab as a new AIMA Member!

The new year 2020 has a good start!

From the first days of January, the NTLab Center joined AIMA.

We are glad to cooperate, and thank you for your trust! Read more.