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<p> Design, development and production of robotic solutions and components. </p>
Founded in 2015, Rozum Robotics LLC is an R&D and manufacturing company with representative offices in the USA, Russia, and Belarus. The company specializes in innovative robotics and high-precision motor technology. Its product range includes collaborative robotic arms for industrial and commercial use, high-torque compact servos, and frameless motors.

Rozum Robotics has done a great job building up its team of experts. Engineers with 15+ years experience in industrial automation, contest winners in programming and robotics, and highly trained sales and marketing specialists work to deliver products up to industry standards. Our focus is the customer: instead of selling standard features in stock, we are determined to make exact-fit solutions to our clients’ needs

Since 2018, Rozum Robotics has been a resident of the High-Tech Park.

The company's products are used to automate production processes at industrial enterprises, create robotic solutions by third-party companies, projects for HoReCa, and conduct research.


The company's product portfolio includes:

• a line of PULSE collaborative robots;

• ultra compact RDrive servomotors;

• frameless FMI engines;

• custom projects for the development of motors and solutions based on robots.


Design, development and production of robotic solutions and components.

Company’s position in the world

The headquarters of the company is located in Minsk. The international presence is realized through a distribution network in North America, Europe and Asia.

The geography of deliveries includes the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, South Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, etc.